Wednesday June 7th 2017

Me on June 7th 2017 at 8:54 PM
Me on June 7th 2017 at 8:54 PM

Happy Wednesday! So, not much went on over the weekend – though on Saturday, we decided to look for some ginger ale that I drink on Friday (Boylan’s), since the nearest supermarket hasn’t had any in stock the last two times we checked. First we went to a Trader Joe’s that opened in the last year – it was surprisingly very disappointing, they didn’t really have anything. On the way back, though, we spotted a place that was called something like Old World Market Grocer and Furniture. A place that sells both groceries and furniture? You *have* to stop and take a look inside. So we did just that and they had furniture and groceries – including soda from around the country – we got a six pack of bottles that looked interesting to us. So far, we have tried Cicero Beverage Co.’s Salted Caramel Root Beer – it was delicious, it wasn’t your typical root beer with a strong bit to it, it tasted more like a root beer float, which was nice.

So, other than that, I had the dentist today and I had no cavities – the dental hygienist and dentist were both shocked, given how much I have vomited in the last two years. The cleaning took over an hour. Tomorrow I get to skip the pills because I have to go into NYC on Friday to see the oncologist there – yay!

So, I will talk to all of you next week!

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