Wednesday, June 24th

Here I am, sitting on the couch, on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 at 3:40 PM - a bit before heading out to my oncologist.
Here I am, sitting on the couch, on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 at 3:40 PM – a bit before heading out to my oncologist.

So, not much the last few days. Been sitting on the couch like usual. Heading to my local oncologist in a bit, so that should add some meat to this update.

So, just got done with my local oncologist. He likes what he is seeing in the blood work. My WBC (White Blood Cell) count is now within the normal range, which means that at the least, the prednisone is working. Yay! Red blood cell count is the same as last time, which is good. No toxicity is being seen, another good sign. Spleen status: Can’t really tell, I am too ticklish – but it should start to shrink in the coming weeks. Then, I will be able to get back on my desktop computer, rather than using my tablet and phone for my gaming and computer needs. I haven’t been on my desktop since April/May.

Tonight for dinner I had a Salami & Cheese sub. It was pretty good. Tomorrow, barring anything happening tonight, I will take laxatives again. Yay! Tomorrow evening, I have posted AMA on Reddit where you can, as the acronym implies, you can Ask Me Anything. Also, hello redditors reading my blog for the first time!

People were asking me about some pictures I mentioned that my NYC oncologist gave us (my parents and I) on May 18th, when we got the diagnosis. Here they are! Enjoy the drawing skills of a doctor, who drew them with his special markers!

Here's the first picture.
Here’s the first picture.

Here's the second. Yay! Doctor Handwriting!
Here’s the second. Yay! Doctor Handwriting!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 24th

  1. So happy to hear that there is progress and you are eating. Yay! I pray you continue to heal. Hugs!


  2. Hi, I am reading your blog now. My son, age 23, is fighting cancer also; being treated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.
    I’m wishing you all the best in your treatments.


    1. Good luck to your son. I was originally going to be treated at Memorial Sloan, but Steven Horwitz didn’t have any appointments until June – and according to my oncologist at Columbia, his area of expertise is pure T-Cell cancers and disorders, not NK & T-Cell.


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