Wednesday, June 17th

Me, after dinner, on Wednesday, June 17th. I sure look tired, don't I?
Me, after dinner, on Wednesday, June 17th. I sure look tired, don’t I?

So, today and Tuesday have been relatively uneventful – word to the wise, though: if you are on chemo and require an OTC laxative, take the dose recommended on the bottle, not however little you think you need. I took one pill yesterday and learned that that is not exactly effective, so I had to take the proper dose this morning. Yay. It started to take effect, very enthusiastically, in under two hours. Luckily, I had a respite to take my prednisone – never thought I would think that thought. Other than that, chemo is going decently, still not feeling that hungry, though – so I am just making myself eat every few hours to try to stabilize my weight.

So, with a vacation after chemo, my dad doesn’t want to go to Vegas, because “he saw everything last time we went and so we’d just gamble the whole time.” So he would rather go somewhere “interesting” – which to him, can be many things, rather arbitrary how he considers something interesting. I’m thinking that since we would travel August 2016, the Southern US would be a very bad idea – too humid.

For domestic travel, I think the west coast or something in the western US would have the most hospitable climate. Or an Alaskan cruise – but my dad loathes the idea of taking one because of things he heard in the 70s/80s and depictions of them in media (fiction and non-fiction). In terms of international destinations, I have never left the US, so I could go anywhere, price permitting, as my father can be quite frugal – when we went to Vegas in 2012, he complained practically the entire time at how expensive it was (I had managed to find a package deal for flight & hotel for $2800 for all four of us – and we stayed in a casino, too!).

So, given his previous behavior, he will complain about any cost – the thing is finding his true price ceiling so I can start dreaming about a possible trip. I am guessing it is somewhere around $4000 for flight & hotel (or cruise, whatever). Some people I know online say I should make one of those crowd funding pages for a vacation – not to pay for the whole thing, obviously, but supplement my parent’s budget a bit – maybe go to a really great place for dinner or something. Thoughts on both vacation destinations and starting a crowd funding thing? I await your comments!

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  1. Hi bros, thanks for letting us know about your blog, as you can see I made it here. LOL! As regards to your family vacation. If your parents can swing it, London is a great place to go. Lots of places to see, great food and easy to get around. It is one of my favourite cities.

  2. I assure you, Alaskan cruises are AWESOME. They’re pretty calm compared to other destinations, and the scenery is unbeatable. Tell your dad to reconsider, I’ve been on two!

    1. He doesn’t like the cost of a flight to seattle plus the cost of a cruise – a cruise would run something like $1000 a person – and a flight runs like $550 a person.

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