Wednesday, August 12th

Me, at 11:27 PM, on August 12th, 2015
Me, at 11:27 PM, on August 12th, 2015

Hello everyone, it’s Wednesday! So on Tuesday, I went to Atlantic City. So, when I go to casinos, I tend to be lucky (Unlike when playing the lottery!). This time was no different, so yay! We left the house at 11 AM, got there at around 12:40 PM, ate lunch in the car, then went in to gamble. For the first $60 I gambled, I was in the red, then with $20, turned that into $46, then I was on my way up. Eventually, was around $40 down and had gambled around $120 on slots. Then when the buffet opened for dinner, we went there (to reduce risk of infection – loaded up plates with the food I wanted and brought them back to the table. Food was better than your typical “Chinese” buffet but doesn’t compare to a buffet in Vegas. After dinner, we gambled for about 20 minutes, my mom and I sat down at two slots, with my dad in the middle. My mom bet a few times on a slot machine, then won $150. I bet a few times on my slot machine (x5 bet, it was like $0.80 or so for a x5 bet on that machine), then I won $177. Woohoo. So I left Atlantic City around $130-$140 up. Go me. I didn’t do any table games because the only $5 blackjack table was occupied by the same group of people all day – so that was a bit of a disappointment. Wednesday was pretty good – it was my mom’s birthday, and the dog behaviorist came over today – she thinks Sheba had a bad experience with a gray haired man at some point, whether it was at a breeder, a high kill shelter, or at her foster home where she was for 8 months. She gave us some tips and she’ll be back in a week. She saw from good behaviors and some that concerned her, but she thinks she’ll do good with some help.

So for my mom’s birthday, we went to a local restaurant that we love. My mom and brother shared a crispy pork rillette (with a sour cherry BBQ sauce and pickled cherries) for an appetizer, and my dad an I shared a rather delicious crab cake – best part was that it barely had any filler. My mom and brother both had the pork de jour – which was pork medallions served with a peach bourbon barbecue sauce with mashed potatoes (sweet or smashed) and seasonal vegetables. My dad had the cornmeal crusted Mahi Mahi served with a tomato-pepper jam along with seasonal vegetables and I had the pan fried softshell crab served with a caper-brown butter sauce alongside smashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. For dessert, my dad had (and he barely ever has dessert) a Blueberry-Peach crisp, my mom and I both had the Chocolate Dessert of the Day – a chocolate brownie with chocolate gelato, whipped cream, and a caramel sauce, and my brother had a white-chocolate cherry bread pudding. All of the desserts were delicious. So, all-in-all, last few days were good, and hopefully I gain some weight from all this food. See all of you on Monday!

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