Uppdate on yesterday’s ER visit and Day Three of Chemo

Got to the ER at about 5:30 PM yesterday. Apparently saying you have PVCs is a really quick way to get into the ER. Got in a bed almost immediately. They had to stick an IV in – rule of being in the ER with a heart complaint 🙁

The nurse who first tried to IV me may have popped the only good vein left in the crook of my arm. So another nurse was brought in, one with experience with micro-premie veins. She was very good – had to put an IV in the top of my wrist, which hurt quite a lot, but she also drew blood from it before converting it for IV, which was nice. Sadly, that blood came out too slow and hemolyzed, which made them back to come back to the bed and have two nurses come in to take more blood. Want to know what hurts more than having an IV in the top of your wrist? Having a nurse press down on the IV needle, twisting your arm, then resting the hand with the IV in the wrist on the railing of the bed, and leaning on it, making it shake for 5 minutes straight while the horrible, horrible nurse moves the needle in your arm trying to catch a vein. I’m pretty sure the guy popped the vein – the arm hurts like hell today.

So today was day three of Chemo.

Prednisone still sucks. Anyone have tips for getting that horrible taste out of my mouth ASAP? My usual trick, peanut butter, takes too long to chew and swallow. I took Zofran about an hour after the prednisone, and the nausea is gone. Yay!

4 thoughts on “Uppdate on yesterday’s ER visit and Day Three of Chemo

  1. Do not let the Predisone touch any part of your tongue, I take them quite a bit with my migraines. I put it under my tongue and quickly swallow with a very strong tasting sweet drink. I usually use pre-sweetened orange koolaid made with 2 scoops of koolaid for one drink. Praying for you–chemteach55 from a to z

  2. The bit about the IV is a horror story to a nursing student. I’ve been practicing on non-patients so I can avoid this kind of incident. Also, I’d suggest chocolate pudding for the prednisone issue, but I’m sure you’ve been that route already, it’s a pretty old tactic, and I’ve never actually tried it on myself.

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