On the 13th Day of Chemo…

…I took a laxative. It was very… cleansing, to say the least. Had multiple bowel movements today, yay!

So enough about feces. Today was a decent day – took a 1.5-2 hour nap, which was nice. Ate some microwaved mashed potatoes for dinner. Seeing my oncologist tomorrow for an update, so tomorrow’s post should have a bit more meat to it – probably not much, just an update on how the chemo is going so far.

Chemo, Day 12

Today is a decent day. Talked to the oncologist’s office about some things today – they prescribed prescription prevacid for the acid reflux and also told me to start taking a laxative to help cleanse my system – i’ll start that tomorrow. Haven’t taken a laxative in quite a few years, last time it was… interesting. At least it’ll make things flow! Took an hour nap today, which was nice. I scheduled an appointment for the 24 hour home EKG my cardiac electrophysiologist ordered, my aunt will be driving my mom and I to the hospital that does them on Thursday. Yay! Goooo awesome aunt!

Chemo, Day 11

Today was an okay day. Prednisone went down alright. Sat on the couch most of the day watching TV with my mom – had Ramen for lunch (No flavor packet, cooked in chicken broth) and roasted potatoes (Olive Oil & Salt only) with some white rice (with a small bit of butter) for dinner. Yay nausea-prevention diet! Helped set up my old tablet for my dad so he can work from home when he isn’t actually at home (aka my oncologist’s office, or his heart guy).

Had to take both the antacid and Zofran today. But they both kicked in nice and quick, which I greatly approve of.

Need to call the oncologist’s nurse tomorrow and discuss a few things – namely insurance getting all prissy about paying for more Zofran (They need a special form outside of the regular medication approval form filled out for patients undergoing chemotherapy), the bout of constipation on Friday, and some general questions about the antacid.

Anyone got questions? I’m happy to answer them. Either post a comment here or shoot me an email @ IGotCancerBlog at gmail dot com (Have to type it like this or else the spam bots will get me. Evil Nigerian Princes!).

Day 10 of chemo

Hm. It’s already been 10 days? That was quick! 20 days until I wean off the prednisone, yay! I ate a nice baked potato for dinner that my mom made. Yay! Potato. Eating the skin helps to reduce constipation. Yay for reducing constipation!

So, usual symptoms, fatigue, bit of nausea, the usual. Insurance is refusing to fill more than 12 Zofran a month, so I get to call the oncologist on Monday and have them send in yet another form to insurance. Yay!

Until next time…

Day 9 of chemo

Oops! Sorry about no update last night! I was really tired last night and fell asleep at 10 PM. Yay for sleeping 11 hours! Boo for not updating the blog! So. had some nausea yesterday, and some reflux, which I took pills for. Tried to refill the Zodran, insurance is complaining because you are only supposed to have 12 per 30 days. I’m on chemo. Aetna should suck it and give me more, please.

Day 8 of Chemo

Day eight was pretty uneventful. Took the meds, but methotrexate induced some nausea, so I took a Zofran, which helped. My uncle stopped by for a bit, he left work early to get his hair cut. Ate plain pasta for dinner tonight and I got my new tablet today – a Surface Pro 3 with 128 GB space and an i5 processor. Yay. Now to find a case that is padded and does not hurt me to rest on my lap or chest.

Day 7 of Chemo

The title of this blog post confused the hell out of me – I was like “Wait, 7 days is a week, that means you need to take your methotrexate.”

But it is seven days when counting the first day. Darn numbers.

So today went well, didn’t get nauseous until about 5 hours after taking the prednisone. Yay! My mom made chicken & dumplings for dinner – I ate the dumplings. Quite delicious. My mom now has off until monday (Yay! Baked Goods!) so she’ll help me with the nauseating prospect of my morning prednisone. One of my uncles is going to stop by tomorrow to see how I am doing. Should be interesting. Hopefully I am not too fatigued.

I also got a call from LIVERSTRONG Fertility, the group that facilitates low-cost fertility preservation for individuals diagnosed with cancer. I got approved! Now I get the cheaper rates at the sperm bank to store my stuff!

Day Six of Chemo

Wanna know what sucks? Getting your prednisone stuck in your throat!

Wanna know what helps? A nice scoop of chocolate ice cream and a cup filled with diet ginger ale.

So, today I went to my Primary Care doctor for ER follow up and scheduled an appointment with a cardiac electrophysiologist – I go on the 15th. The PCP said I need to stop ending up in the ER 😛 – but he told me reasons why I should head there in the future. Watched a lot of TV today, just like [recent] normal. Let’s Make A Deal is really a good show to watch before taking Prednisone. Wayne Brady is fun. Took a nap from like 6:30 to around 8:20 PM today, That was a nice little nap.

My mom ordered some donut pans this weekend, and they arrived today. Anyone know of a good plain, baked, cake donut recipe? We’re looking for one that isn’t too complex, or requires frying, as I *really* doubt chemo-stomach can tolerate fried foods, even on Zofran. Don’t want to push it.

Day 5 of Chemo

So, the ice cream worked again – still needed Zofran to help calm the nausea an hour afterwards. Talked to the nurse at the oncologist’s office today to update her about my progress – she seemed disappointed that I wasn’t having much of an increased appetite or hyperactivity. Still eating calm food to avoid risking any stomach incidents. Going to my GP tomorrow for a follow up to my ER visit. Yay.

Day 4 of Chemo

So, I finally figured out a way to make the prednisone not taste horrible. Guess what it is? Eat half a scoop of ice cream (Make sure to have some just rest on your tongue until it melts), drink some soda (I like Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale) and hold it in your mouth, pop the pill in (after rubbing all of that darn powder off! It’s a very important step.), and swallow. Then just start shoveling ice cream in your mouth, making sure it coats the back of the mouth. My flavor is chocolate ice cream – nice and flavorful, and not likely to take on the taste of the nasty pill.

So, hopefully this works tomorrow, too. If so, I have found a way to take a horrible pill. Yay!