Monday Update

Sorry for the darkness - it's me at 10 PM at night, June 15th, 2015, on the couch.
Sorry for the darkness – it’s me at 10 PM at night, June 15th, 2015, on the couch.

So, how have I been? Had my ups and downs the past few days – had a Holter (a 24 hour heart monitor) from Thursday to Friday afternoon. I will get the results from that later. To stay on subject, saw my new heart doctor today – first visit and I am a “very interesting” patient. Yay? After a quick visit, he determined that my heart is stable, other than the PVCs, of course – and he wants to see me in three months for a follow-up. His scale clocked me at 103 lbs, for those interested.

This weekend was interesting. On Friday, I was not hungry all day – same with Saturday and part of Sunday, so I just forced myself to eat (without incident, didn’t even need any Zofran this weekend!), which wasn’t too bad. Took a nap on Sunday and my mom baked peanut butter cookies, which are just delicious. So, i’ll post an update on Wednesday, but all is pretty okay with me right now.

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  1. Glad that things are moving along 😄😄 peanut butter cookies are the best!! Thanks for the update ❤❤

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