Monday, September 7th

Me, at 7:01 PM, on September 7th, 2015
Me, at 7:01 PM, on September 7th, 2015

So, it’s Monday. Called my NYC oncologist about the rash on Thursday – the nurse had me email pictures of the rash to her (Must’ve been a fun email to open!) – she advised me to see a dermatologist in my area. Friday, other than my usual day of napping, involved the NYC oncologist’s nurse calling and telling me that the NYC oncologist had a chance to look at my rash and he wants me to see a dermatologist that works with his oncology practice on Tuesday. On Sunday, we saw a Rottweiler puppy that the rescue group we got Sheba from wanted us to check out. The puppy was absolutely adorable. We are going to adopt him. His current name is Rebel, but he does not look like the name Rebel fits him. We’ll be getting him on Wednesday – so, pictures then. Tomorrow, I see the NYC oncologist and dermatologist – the nurse seemed to indicate that the oncologist is coming in just to see me, which is nice. But I have to have blood drawn a day earlier than I was expecting, which sucks.

So, talk to you on Wednesday – hopefully my rash is just a rash and it’ll go away soon, at least it has not gotten worse!

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