Monday, October 26th

Picture of me at 7:16 PM on Monday, October 26th 2015
Picture of me at 7:16 PM on Monday, October 26th 2015

Hello. So, been an interesting last few days. Currently, I feel very depressed. Very sad. We had most of the house, including the bedroom I share with my brother, packed up in bags – as we had an exterminator coming this past weekend to deal with some annoying bugs in our home. My dad decided he wanted to donate some things to charity. My mom set some bags aside for him to donate and showed him what was in each bag. He decided to donate the completely wrong bags and didn’t notice until we were unpacking the bags. He donated my baby blanket, which I have had since well, I was a baby. It brought me comfort and now it is gone.

My hiccups stopped on Saturday after I took a warm bath. Yay.

On Thursday I called the oncologist in NYC – nurse hadn’t talked to the oncologist yet as he had been in meetings all morning. The nurse called me back later that day and told me that my numbers had made an improvement that warranted me staying on the methotrexate. My hemoglobin went from 8.8 to 9.3, my neutrophils went from 330 to 740, and my red blood cells started to look a bit more number doing whatever tests they do to look at the shape and size of them – all in the span of two weeks.

So, some good things, some bad things. Talk to you on Wednesday.

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