Monday, June 22

Good morning!
Good morning! It’s June 22nd and I woke up like 40 minutes before taking this.

So, it’s Monday. Yay! Good morning everyone (I started to type this at 9:45 AM, in case I get tired later in the day)! I have three pills of Prednisone left after today’s dose, so I’ll be calling my NYC oncologist later for a schedule to wean off this stuff. I took the methotrexate on Friday, and it made me tired for the entire weekend. We’ll see if I am still tired today – which, at least, is a sign it is working (I hope).

So, Saturday I went to my aunt’s house about an hour and a half away – one of my cousin’s graduated with her Master’s in Speech Pathology, and she is going to be teaching English to preschoolers in Colombia for the next year. She leaves on July 25th for a year in Colombia. Most of the time, I was either stretched out on their couch or sitting at the table in their open-concept kitchen/living room (One thing about lying on the couch since April? My mom loves those HGTV shows. I overhear a lot of them.). Heard a lot of interesting stories and other things. For example, my step-grandfather eats peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. While we were all making noises of revulsion at his statement, he kept going “What? The mayo makes it nice and creamy! It tastes great!” Obviously, none of us believe his claims, because, ew – just no. We eventually left around 8 PM and got home by 9:30 PM – it was a fun time.

On Sunday, I felt hungry for the first time in a while, so I my dad offered to get me something for breakfast, despite it being father’s day – he got me an egg & cheese sandwich on a hard roll from the local bagel place. For Father’s Day, we got him two gifts: a subscription to a wine-of-the-month club that we’ve been getting for him for the last two years, because he loves red wine (and it lowers his blood sugar, as he is a diabetic) and we also got him a gift card to get a massage at one of those massage chains. He liked his gifts, so yay. My mom, with a little help from my brother, helped to prepare the Father’s Day dinner – Rib Eye steaks with some compound butter, baked potato, and green beans. Obviously, my stomach is not adventurous to try that, so I have a baked potato with cheese and butter as a side to my homemade cheesesteak sandwich – it was rather delicious, and I got to integrate some delicious meat back into my diet.

I talked to my dad a bit more about a remission vacation this weekend – he said that if I am in remission my next May or so, he talk to his boss and see if he can get the last week of June off, plus a bit around the Fourth of July, then we can vacation at a decent part. He told me a few things about his requirements for going on vacation:
1. No going to Hawaii, because “what, we’ve been there twice. I am never going back.” (He went twice with my mother before either me or my brother were born)
2. No going to Alaska on a cruise, because “We have to fly to Seattle, then take an expensive cruise to Alaska. That’s too much money!”
3. “If we go somewhere out west that isn’t the west coast, I am going to Yellowstone, because I have always wanted to go there!” (Of course, he doesn’t think about what my mom or I would be able to do, as neither of us can walk that far, even with frequent breaks).
4. San Francisco is “a pretty cool place.”
5. Seattle is “a nice place.”
6. Europe “would be cool, but only if we could fly there for under $500 a person.”

So, currently I am thinking one of the following destinations:
1. Las Vegas
2. San Francisco
2. Seattle
4. Reykjavik, Iceland (As it is pretty much Europe) – but my mom doesn’t feel comfortable going outside of the country so soon after chemo, so that is probably out.

So, now it is 9:55 AM, and I haven’t exactly had a Monday yet, so i’ll stop the update here, because I need to eat breakfast.

Okay. Now it is 6:40 PM – and I have experienced most of my Monday :P. So, I ate breakfast (Some organic chocolate chip waffles from Whole Foods, delicious) and then took my prednisone 40 minutes after that. Called the oncologist’s office and waited a while to get a phone call back – turns out they want to extend my prednisone by 10 days. That sucks. Had a Salami & Cheese sandwich for lunch and a slice of white pizza (no sauce, just cheese & and more cheese, for the pizza uninitiated) with a few pieces of pepperoni for dinner. A bit less tired today, yay. So I guess the methotrexate just makes me sleepy Friday through Sunday!

On Wednesday, I go see my local oncologist for another checkup – so i’ll see you guys again on Wednesday with an update on how I am doing.

Now that you are done with the most recent update here – go check out the blog of my friend from high school, Greg Caggiano, over at [url=]Reel to Real[/url] – where he covers topics ranging from movies, history, sports, paranormal investigations, and food.

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  1. Regarding possible vacations – I vote for San Francisco or Seattle. Both are beautiful places. We went to Las Vegas in early June. It was so hot, we had a difficult time enjoying it. The surrounding areas are beautiful – Red Rock, Hoover Dam, day trip to Grand Canyon. But really, the 110+ days and 85+ nights were tough!

    I visited my daughter in London this fall – LOVED it there if you can convince your mom to go out of the country!

    Take care of yourself.

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