Monday, July 20th

Me, at 2:09 PM, on Monday, July 20th 2015 eating my lunch of Rye Bread. Yum.
Me, at 2:09 PM, on Monday, July 20th 2015 eating my lunch of Rye Bread. Yum.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope all of you had a good weekend. Friday, I had a nice nap and was not very hungry, so I ate just a little bit, including some popcorn around 8 PM when I watched some stuff on the DVR with my parents at my brother – because popcorn is not very filling until after it is in your stomach, so you don’t really go “Ugh. This is too much!” Saturday, I was still a bit tired, so I did my usual and sat around watching TV most of the day. On Sunday, I didn’t go out to see any adoptable animals, but I did get to go out to the movies and see Ant-Man, which was a very enjoyable movie – I recommend that if you have enjoyed marvel’s previous offerings, give it a watch. I also had a coupon for “Buy any size drink, get a small popcorn free,” which is a better deal than it sounds – as you can just pay the price difference between a small popcorn and the other sizes of popcorn to get a decent sized thing of popcorn – so $1 on top of the price of the drink for medium, and $2 for large, which is nice. After the movie, the short drive home was rather unpleasant, as it was incredibly hot in this area this weekend – I believe it was around 92-95 degrees (F), felt like 100-102. So, just a bit toasty. I am a bit tired today, so I might take a nap soon, or I might not. For breakfast, ate two frozen waffles (size equivalent: like half a Belgian waffle), which is rather filling for me. The prednisone taper seems to be going well, in that I haven’t experienced any adverse effects, which is nice. Hopefully it continues like this. Next Tuesday (The 28th) is my birthday. Still going to be on prednisone then, so not going to be in the mood for any really adventurous food. At least it’ll be a Tuesday, so the methotrexate shouldn’t make me tired all day, at least. That’ll be a welcome reprieve. So, I didn’t take a nap today, just pushed through the fatigue, which subsided around 4 PM. Ate a cheesesteak for dinner. It was quite delicious. So, I think that is it for today. See all of you on Wednesday, and let’s hope the heat doesn’t melt all of you – as it is pretty hot out.

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  1. Sounds like you are feeling upbeat! Keep up the good work. And also, keep the hot weather down by you! We’re heading into our 3 straight day of above 90, humid weather. I think I need to escape to the beach.

    Take care of yourself.

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