Monday, February 15th

Me on February 16th 2016 at 12:12 PM
Me on February 16th 2016 at 12:12 PM

Happy Monday! So Thursday went well – On Friday, I took the medical marijauna to help with my nausea and vomiting – turned on the vaporizer, vomited at the smell. Then I took a hit and it kicked in pretty quickly. After that, my Friday nausea was more under control, which was nice. Still didn’t feel comfortable eating that much, but that is okay – as long as I am not nauseous or vomiting, I am okay with Fridays being me not eating a lot. So, it was absolutely frigid here this weekend – after wind chill, it was below 0 (Fahrenheit), so I did not go outside. Today hasn’t been that eventful. On Wednesday, I go to the local oncologist, so I will hopefully have some good news then!

Note: Oops, I hit Save Draft instead of publish, so this didn’t get posted until *really* late (It’s a bit after 12 PM on Tuesday, whoops).

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