Monday, August 3rd

Picture of me, at 2:57 PM, on Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Picture of me, at 2:57 PM, on Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! So, on Thursday I went to the neurologist – I brought up my loss of weight with him and he suggested that I try the Megace first. I haven’t tried it yet. After that, I went to the oncologist – I gained a pound! Now I weigh 104 pounds. My blood looked good, and I see the NYC oncologist on Wednesday. Took a nice nap on Friday. So yesterday we went to two pet adoption events and at the second one, we saw a dog we liked a lot, we filled out an application, and they called us yesterday. The animal rescue will be coming for a home visit tomorrow to make sure we don’t run a dogfighting ring, or whatever they check for, haha. So if all goes well, we should be getting a dog soon. She is a one year old Lab/Husky mix. So, had to take a laxative today. Laxative Day is my favorite day of the week (Isn’t sarcasm fun?)! So, typing this when the laxative isn’t making me be elsewhere. Wednesday’s update should be more interesting – updates from the NYC oncologist and perhaps a picture of a dog. See you on Wednesday!

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