Monday, August 24th

Me on Monday, August 24th, 2015 - at 5:33 PM
Me on Monday, August 24th, 2015 – at 5:33 PM

Hello everyone. It is Monday. Thursday, went to local oncologist – some numbers have changed, some in good ways, others in less than positive ways, but it could just be a little blip in my months of blood work, hopefully. Otherwise, my course of treatment is going to get changed. Thursday, when I got home, the area where the blood was drawn was bandaged, and Sheba kept licking that area until I removed it. Friday, she kept licking where the blood was drawn, then kept licking my face. I presume it was to try to make me feel better than my normal Friday ‘blahs’ and then I took a nice nap. Had to take it upstairs to avoid the dog.

So, on Saturday, my dad got rid of Sheba. Her foster dad showed up on Saturday morning randomly and just took her. Nobody from the rescue contacted him and they have no idea how he found out she wasn’t fitting in here. My mom, my brother, and I are annoyed at him and he does not understand why. Right after the guy came, the dog behaviorist called and my dad talked to her and she had no idea why he came or anything like that. My dad was lying to the behaviorist and said that he had been trying it the entire week he was home and that the first day he went back to work, she started barking and growling again. He also lied to my brother and I and told us that she said she thought that would happen. My mom got home a few minutes later from the grocery store and called the behaviorist, she said that all of those things he told us were lies, she would never say that as she is a very direct person, if she thought it wasn’t going to work, she would’ve had to rescue pick her up the day after she came. She asked my mom if he hated dogs, because she could tell he was lying, my mom told her the truth: he was the one who wanted a dog, he was the one who picked her out, and he refused to adapt his schedule even slightly to try to get it to work to make us happy. He kept trying to lie to us the rest of the day about how he was scared every morning that she was going to bite him, bullshit like that.

So, we’re going to look for another pet sometime in the future, but we’re not letting my dad have a say.

Sunday was okay and today was a decent day.

See all of you on Wednesday.

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Sheba – this isn’t how anyone hoped it would turn out. Maybe in time everyone’s emotions will settle and will be able to discuss the situation candidly and openly so that you could agree on the ground rules and expectations for the next pet – or even if a pet makes sense. I’ve learned the hard way, that I must adjust my schedule and needs if I expect to have a happy healthy, well behaved pet. Rescues in particular often need extra patience and attention to help them work through their difficult experiences.

    Keep checking with your doctors and questioning your progress. Good to hear that some of the numbers are headed in a positive direction. It would be helpful to know how to get the ALL of the indicators trending the right way! We want you well – and I know you do too!

    Keep us posted with updates!

    1. My dad refuses to adjust his schedule or demeanor in any way, shape, or form. He will lie to our face to try to push what he wants and we can all tell when he is lying. He will never change his schedule, because he claims that waking up 15 minutes earlier to walk a dog would “just ruin” his entire day. He spends 70 minutes every morning microwaving oatmeal, taking a 5 minute shower, dressing, and brushing his teeth. He spends about 40 minutes every morning just watching TV.

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