Monday, August 10th

Picture of me on August 10th, 2015 at 6:58 PM
Picture of me on August 10th, 2015 at 6:58 PM

Hello everyone, it is Monday! So, napped a while on Friday – it is a bit hard to nap when you have a dog in the house, so I had to go up to bed to take a nap. I was still a bit tired on Saturday. Sunday, we ate out at a great Italian place near us, I had Sesame Crusted Salmon w/ seasonal vegetables for dinner and a pound cake with whipped cream & berries for dessert. Today, we ate dinner at a local place with really good burgers. The best thing about it? Low prices!

So, with my new dog (Sheba), we’re having a bit of trouble with her, she keeps growling and barking at my dad and two times so far she has lunged to bite my dad. We called the rescue and they are having a behaviorist they work with come out to the house on Wednesday and see what is up. Our theory is that some time in her past, she encountered a man with gray hair who was not very nice to her, which is hard to believe, because she is such a nice dog. So tomorrow, i’ll be going to Atlantic City (Yay! Gambling!) and hopefully I can get a decent amount of gambling in before I get too tired. See you on Wednesday!

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