Chemotherapy, Day One

Today will hopefully be a short post. I took my prednisone 30 minutes after eating breakfast this morning. I took my Methotrexate just a few minutes ago and we’ll see how that goes – no side effects from the prednisone yet, but this is only day one. Let’s hope for minimal side effects, but we will see. So this is the first day towards kicking this cancer into remission. Let’s hope remission comes sooner rather than later – although yesterday, my oncologist stated that I will be on methotrexate for quite a while – as it is a good medication, but it takes a while to work, so lets hope I go into remission in… let’s say six months. Sucks that i’ll be doing chemotherapy on my birthday (July 28th), but I usually just sit at home and spend it with my immediate family. Today is May 28th, my birthday is July 28th. My birthday will be the 2 month anniversary of starting chemo. Let’s see how quick this stuff works.

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