Chemo, Day 11

Today was an okay day. Prednisone went down alright. Sat on the couch most of the day watching TV with my mom – had Ramen for lunch (No flavor packet, cooked in chicken broth) and roasted potatoes (Olive Oil & Salt only) with some white rice (with a small bit of butter) for dinner. Yay nausea-prevention diet! Helped set up my old tablet for my dad so he can work from home when he isn’t actually at home (aka my oncologist’s office, or his heart guy).

Had to take both the antacid and Zofran today. But they both kicked in nice and quick, which I greatly approve of.

Need to call the oncologist’s nurse tomorrow and discuss a few things – namely insurance getting all prissy about paying for more Zofran (They need a special form outside of the regular medication approval form filled out for patients undergoing chemotherapy), the bout of constipation on Friday, and some general questions about the antacid.

Anyone got questions? I’m happy to answer them. Either post a comment here or shoot me an email @ IGotCancerBlog at gmail dot com (Have to type it like this or else the spam bots will get me. Evil Nigerian Princes!).

One thought on “Chemo, Day 11

  1. Hi,

    I mistakenly came up on your blog, but I am so glad that I did…Real sorry that you are going through what your going through. I applaud you for the blogs. I am almost 4 years into my cancer journey. Advanced metastaic prostate cancer and I understand some of what you are going through. I always say no two cancer sufferers suffer the same hence why I only understand some of what you are going through. I was diagnosed in January 2012, and things for me were not looking good at all, but has I say to everyone Cancer is a mindset and you have to set your mind to winning your struggle with the disease. Just from the fact that you are blogging suggests to me you have the mindset to win the struggle. I take some of the medications you have mentioned plus others and I have seen my results stagger oncologists. My PSA was a staggering 800ng/ml and now is less than 0.1ng/ml….My doctor told me to think short term rather than long term yet here I am, defying the statement. I have just finished writing a book about my cancer journey which will be available October 2015. From a therapeutic point of view it assisted me with getting over and on with my life…Anyway look forward to reading more of your upbeat blogs.. Have a wonderful day as best has you can…You and your family will get through this….Alfred (LONDON)

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