Almost to two weeks of chemo & Blog Update

Picture of me, Thursday June 11th, 2012
Picture of me, Thursday June 11th, 2012

So, went to the oncologist today for a follow up – he wants me to stop the metoclopramide because he doesn’t like that medication. Going to have all of my blood work back tomorrow. Going to the hospital tomorrow to get a 24-hour Holter (It’s a little box with a EKG inside that I wear for a day. Yay!). One of my aunts will be driving me and my mom there.

One thing I have started to think about: Cancer sucks, but don’t dwell on the present, even when chemo makes you feel not yourself. So my solution? I am thinking of going on vacation with my parents & my brother after I am done with chemo. Any suggestions in the US to go to? I have been to the following destinations: Lancaster PA & Pittsburgh PA/Hershey Park, Williamsburg VA & Washington D.C., Lake George NY, and Las Vegas (Flew there, was sick the whole time, so it doesn’t *really* count as a vacation). So most likely, we’ll pay for it through a combination of rewards points (Yay, amazon credit card!) along with money saved up – unless I give it to requests from people I know online and start a fundraiser, which I would most likely use for spending cash/cash to eat food at good places when on vacation (or one *really* nice meal) – because enough money to fund a vacation might be a bit excessive from the internet, in my opinion.

So, with the blog – I think the updates will be more satisfying if I update the blog 2-3 times a week (Monday & Wednesday, or MWF?). What do you guys think?

3 thoughts on “Almost to two weeks of chemo & Blog Update

  1. I guess you should write whenever you feel like writing.

    In case it will turn out to be non-hodgkin, hello from an overseas half sister!

  2. You’ve got the right idea. Do your best to think positive and as you seem to be able to do, don’t forget the humor. A friend of mine who is a stand-up comedian, Craig Shoemaker, is doing a new film and project called Laughter Heals, and was just back home from LA to do a benefit for his childhood friend who passed away last year. There were 350 people in the room , many who knew the person, and the laughter from that room was so cathartic. He has helped me when I was seriously low. Ia m currently Stage IV kidney cancer.

    He and a friend in the band The Hooters and other Philly musicians as well as family and friends have shown me that to stop living your life is the worst thing in the world. Be serious about your treatments and your lifestyle but remember to enjoy yourself. Get out when you can and have fun.

    And laugh a hell of a lot. Find the funny in any darkness. That is how I blog about my own issues at

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