About Chemotherapy

So, to start – welcome to all the new readers, those I have only met online and those I have met in person alike. I have shared this blog with multiple communities (including Facebook) – so hopefully people will keep reading this blog to keep up with how I am doing.

Let’s get back to the subject of this post – chemotherapy. Got the pills from the pharmacy this afternoon, then I remembered the warning “Don’t take them too late in the week, because it is a long weekend, and we want to be able to get back to you quickly if there are side effects.”

So I got in touch with the NYC oncologist’s nurse, who called me a little while ago and told me that my NYC oncologist was talking to my local oncologist, and the NYC oncologist had some outstanding questions (the nurse didn’t know what the questions were) – so I don’t have to start the chemotherapy until Tuesday at the earliest. Yay!

So, my next blog update will probably be Chemotherapy: Day 1. Unless I get a call from a doctor by them.

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